Best Application to Trace Mobile Number with Exact Name and Location

Today, the ability to track the location of phones of relatives and friends has become especially relevant. In the media and social networks there are more and more messages about the missing, and most often get through to these people – a problem. The editors of AIN.UA publish a selection of services and applications that will help you locate people using geo location data that are delivered via GPS or Wi-Fi connection.

There are several types of applications for finding missing phone locations. Firstly, these are special services from Ukrainian mobile operators, with the help of which the trusted people appointed by the subscriber can track the current location of the phone. There are also many special applications developed by both large technology companies and enthusiasts.

“Lighthouse” from Kyivstar

This is a paid service worth UAH 0.53 per day, which works even without a mobile Internet connection. You can see the location of your loved one on a map from a computer and receive information about his whereabouts by SMS or MMS.

To be able to track the location of your family member, friend or acquaintance, you need to activate the service by dialing 147 * 2 * 1 * the subscriber’s number through 380 #. The cost of a successful request is an additional 2 UAH. After you send a request, an SMS message will be sent to the subscriber’s number stating that you want to find out his location. He must confirm your request within 15 minutes by sending a response with the text “SO”, “YES” or “DA”.

After receiving a confirmation, you can, upon request (by dialing 147 * 2 * 1 * the subscriber’s number through 380 #), learn about the location of the subscriber. If you set up tracking for several people, Kyivstar recommends adding combinations with their numbers to the phone book, for example, 147 * 2 * 1 * 380678888888 # Daughter (Mayachok). Within the framework of the service, it is possible to form a list of no more than ten subscribers.

“Baby under supervision” from MTS

This service works on the same principle as the “Mayar” from Kyivstar, the cost of sending an SMS with a request is also 2 UAH. The service can be used both on the Internet and from a mobile phone via SMS to number 7005. You can also install a special application for Android.

To track the location of your loved ones, you need to send an SMS to 7005 with the text ADD <phone number> <name>. For example: ADD 0501111111 Hope. An SMS will be sent to the subscriber’s number with a request for permission to determine the place of stay. After confirmation, you can find out the location of the subscriber by sending an SMS to 7005 with the text SEARCH <subscriber number or name>.

This option, like the service from Kyivstar, has only one drawback: the location of the owner of the number is determined by GPS, and the error can be from several tens to several hundred meters, depending on the terrain and the number of cell towers. However, in the city this error is small.

Sygic Family App

This application can track the location of family members, acquaintances and friends in real time. In addition, it reports the battery level in their smartphones. The application is suitable for both iOS and Android. True, the iPhone version costs $ 4.99.

You can get information about the location of the subscriber of interest by pressing the SOS button, after which you can download accurate data about where your friend or relative is. Sygic Family also has a built-in messaging system between family members, with which you can send free messages over the Internet.

Android Device Manager Service

We previously wrote about this service for Android devices. With it, you can not only track the location of smartphones and tablets on this platform, but also remotely block them. Having access to your Google account, your trustee will be able to see where you are on the map. To do this, he will need a computer with an Internet connection.

The map will show the location in which the connected device is located, the time of receipt of this information, as well as the address within the radius of which the gadget is located.

Find my iPhone app

Apple owners have the ability to search for devices. The free Find my iPhone app allows you to locate all your iOS devices, see locations on a map, and even get a route where you can find them. Also, the application will report the charge level of the desired gadget. The application supports Russian and Ukrainian languages.

To access information, your loved ones will need a password from your iCloud account. The disadvantage of this service (as well as Android Device Manager) is that location data is sent over the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection or via mobile Internet. In places where there is no network access, location cannot be determined.